The Relationship Between Simulation Strategies And Exit Exam Scores: A Correlational Assessment Of Glo-Bus And Peregrine

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Candace Forbes Bright
Justin Bateh
Danielle Babb


Accreditation, Assessment, Glo-Bus, Measurement, Peregrine, Simulation


Simulations are used in business education to improve skill attainment and application. Exit examinations, however, remain imperative measures used for accreditation. This research assesses the relationships between skill sets across business students to test the hypothesis that competencies within and between Glo-Bus as a simulation and Peregrine as an exam positively correlate. We find that while all Peregrine competencies correlate, 11 of 36 possible correlations are present within the Glo-Bus competencies and 47 of 153 possible correlations are present between Glo-Bus and Peregrine competencies. Overall, Glo-Bus and Peregrine scores are weakly, positively correlated, r (157) = .242, p < .01.


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