Contemporary Issues in Education Research (CIER) <p><strong>Published since 2008</strong><br>ISSN 1940-5847 (print); ISSN 1941-756X (online)&nbsp;<br>The Contemporary Issues In Education Research (CIER)&nbsp;publishes papers that significantly contribute to the understanding of cutting edge issues in education.</p> Clute Institute en-US Contemporary Issues in Education Research (CIER) 1940-5847 <p>d to read, download, copy, distribute, remix, tweak, build upon, print, search, or link the full text of the articles in this journal provided that appropriate credit is given.</p> Assessing Test Feedback Strategies Adopted By Primary School Teachers In Anambra State <p>In learning new skills, it is necessary that students receive some information (feedback), that tells them if they are on the right track. The strategies, tactics or means through which teachers provide feedback to pupils after assessments are, however, a source of concern. Thus, this study aimed at assessing test feedback strategies/tactics adopted by primary school teachers in Anambra State, Nigeria. This study is a descriptive survey conducted in Anambra State, a south-eastern State in Nigeria. The sample of the study consisted of 500 teachers drawn from 1054 public primary schools in the state. The study tested two hypotheses and answered two research questions. The instrument used for collecting data is a researcher-developed questionnaire, titled “Test Feedback Strategy Assessment Questionnaire” (TFSAQ). Mean, standard deviation and t-test were adopted to analyze the data collected. The study revealed that teachers majorly gave feedbacks in writing or print form which included handwritten comments on students’ assessed work, written numeric scores, grades, averages or positions, etc. They also gave face-to-face feedbacks to whole classes, individual students and small groups of students. Most of the teachers did not use electronic feedbacks. The feedbacks were of fairly good quality. The school location and the level of a class taught had no significant influence on teachers’ responses. As a result of the findings, the researcher recommended among other things that teachers should be given more training especially on electronic feedback strategies as well as ways of improving the qualities of their test feedbacks.</p> Nneka Chinyere Ezeugo Copyright (c) 2019-01-18 2019-01-18 12 1 1 10 10.19030/cier.v12i1.10257 Developing A Trauma-Informed Lens In The College Classroom And Empowering Students Through Building Positive Relationships <p>In many social science college courses, professors cover a wide variety of topics that may act as triggers for victims of trauma in both traditional and online courses. At the same time, we may also encounter students who suffer trauma during their college experience. The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the importance of creating a safe and empowering environment in college classrooms regardless of what subjects we teach. Safe environments and the relationships we build with our students play a vital role in student success by understanding the importance of being trauma-informed.</p> Daniel Gutierrez Andrea Gutierrez Copyright (c) 2019-01-18 2019-01-18 12 1 11 18 10.19030/cier.v12i1.10258 Disney And The Magical World Of Writing; How Combining Creativity With Learning Disabilities Can Promote Academic Success <p>Through a Disney perspective, this author discusses how students can use creative strategies to cope with learning disabilities in secondary, post-secondary and even graduate levels of academic achievement. In particular, the paper will be presenting how the author, who has an infinity for “everything Disney”, chose to use both Disney Characters and Disney Song titles from movies and television shows, as a creative strategy in the organization of her master’s research thesis. The research study entitled “Why is it so hard to go a good thing? The Paradox and Dilemma of Parental Advocacy within the Individual Education Planning Process” took a qualitative, phenomenological approach to investigate the experiences of parental advocacy and to seek out macro/micro factors that may have contributed to positive or negative outcomes within the IEP process. The author used Disney song titles as an adaptive tool not only to help in the organization of the findings of the research, but also to help illuminate the phenomenological existential themes that were revealed through the analysis. The paper hopes to demonstrate that through the use of creative strategies in otherwise conventional academic expectations, students experiencing disabilities may increase the potential of achieving academic success.</p> Michelle Janzen Copyright (c) 2019 Contemporary Issues in Education Research (CIER) 2019-01-18 2019-01-18 12 1 19 26 10.19030/cier.v12i1.10259 Rethinking Teacher Retention In Hard-To-Staff Schools <p>National, state, and local educational agencies identify teacher retention as an issue of continuous importance and concern. This report addresses the issue of teacher retention through the lens of administrative effectiveness and involvement, as well as teachers’ intrinsic motivations. Relevant findings include structural framing of the educational environment, student behaviors, school district demands for improvement, and teacher perspectives on administrative support. The report iterates that teacher retention does not have a one-size-fits-all solution, and that each school division and individual school must work purposefully to devise plans to retain its most effective teachers.</p> Barbara Holmes DeJuanna Parker Jamel Gibson Copyright (c) 2019-01-18 2019-01-18 12 1 27 32 10.19030/cier.v12i1.10260