Published: 2002-04-01


The Wealth Effect Of The Stock Market Revisited

Hassan Shirvani, Barry Wilbratte
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 513 | DOI

The Advantages Of An E-Mail Survey

Stuart Shough, Don Yates
Abstract 565 | PDF Downloads 401 | DOI

Assessment Of Student Performance And Attitudes For Courses Taught Online Versus Onsite

Michael C. Campbell, Joe Floyd, Joanne B. Sheridan
Abstract 879 | PDF Downloads 839 | DOI

Are Firms Constrained By Their Bank? A Pilot Study

Manoj Athavale, Eugene Bland, Robert Trimm
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 177 | DOI

Determinants Of Firm Leadership Structure

Richard H. Fosberg, Sidney Rosenberg
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 142 | DOI

Profit Margin And Capital Structure: An Empirical Relationship

Nikolaos P. Eriotis, Zoe Frangouli, Zoe Ventoura-Neokosmides
Abstract 3725 | PDF Downloads 6773 | DOI

The Business Cycle And Competition In The U.S. Brewing Industry

Craig A. Gallet, Patricia J. Euzent
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 211 | DOI

Social Attributes And Economic Instability In Africa

Amon O. Okpala, Petur O. Jonsson
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 199 | DOI