Effect Of Cultural Dimensions On Stock Exchange Investment Decisions In Iran

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Zahra Amirhosseini
Vivian O. Okere


Cultural dimensions, Decision Making, Investment, Stock Market


The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of cultural dimensions on personal investment decisions in the Tehran Stock Exchange. The cultural dimensions model was well established by Geert Hofstede (1980). This research tested a main hypothesis and four subsidiary hypotheses. The data was gathered through library methods and questionnaires. The results showed that the main hypothesis which examined whether there is a significant relationship between cultural dimensions and investment decisions in the Tehran stock exchange was confirmed. Subsidiary hypothesis about the relationship between two of Hofstedes cultural dimensions, Power Distance and Individualism, and investment decisions was not confirmed at a meaningful level. However other subsidiary hypothesis of the research based on the relationship between Masculinity and Uncertainty Avoidance and investment decisions was significant at a meaningful level and confirmed.


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