The Control Process Effectiveness: Organization Versus Customer

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Ofer Barkai


Telecommunication Company, Customers Satisfaction Survey, Internal Control Process, Service Quality


This research project, which was implemented in an organization whose primary function is providing service (Telecommunication company), studies the scope of the correlation between the quality of service from the customers point of view (customer survey) and the organization (Telecommunication company systems). The research is important both for economic and scientific reasons. It involves many organizational control units which require significant monetary investments. From a scientific point of view, the research is important because it can shed light on the asymmetrical point of view existing between customers and organizations. Organizations that are service providers place high importance on the quality of service and their image as perceived by their customers. Quality of service is measured through internal control processes and from there is passed on to the staff who are directly involved in customer service. In this study, we focus on a large organization which implements control processes and then provides service to customers. Therefore, the activities of this organization are judged first and foremost on the basis of the service quality provided. The existing internal control processes of the organization, which measure the standard of service provided on the basis of organizational benchmarks are separate from those that measure customer satisfaction. In this project, we analyze the correlation between the outlook of the customer and the results of internal control processes.


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