The Social Media As Echo Chamber: The Digital Impact

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Nadia Yusuf
Nisreen Al-Banawi
Hajjah Abdel Rahman Al-Imam


Social Media, Information, Business, Education, Marketing


The media serve as the channels used to deliver information or research data for any purpose. With media and technology combined, if today a person is sitting in one corner of the world, he or she can send knowledge and words to an unimaginable number of people without fear of being interrupted or argued with. This paper explores the impact of media technology in our lives. The advent of the social media is playing a role in all facets of our lives. Its overriding existence with free search engines has changed the trends in education, economics, politics, and our day-to-day routine. Here we highlight how the quest of technology in the form of social media has been an important aspect of getting this world expressed in terms of bytes. The social media include web-based technology that has changed communication into a more interactive dialogue. The social media have completely transformed the way we connect or reconnect with old friends and acquaintances, entertain ourselves, pursue our hobbies, shop, relax, and look for jobs. The social media are the primary communication medium today for a new generation of digitally aware consumers.


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