Misconceptions Of Employee Turnover: Evidence-Based Information For The Retail Grocery Industry

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Steven Harrison
Pamela Ann Gordon


Employee Turnover, Burnout, Employee Engagement


Employee turnover rates are higher in the retail grocery industry in comparison to other industries. This level of turnover produces demoralizing effects on the grocery industrys profitability. The lack of evidence-based information regarding causes of employee turnover may result in senior level leadership within the retail grocery industry formulating retention strategies based upon conjecture. Basing retention strategies on turnover misconceptions may be costly and actually fail to reduce turnover. For these reasons, this study sought to fill the knowledge gap by providing the grocery industry with evidence-based information on the topic of employee turnover. In an effort to provide a better understanding of the factors that support an engaged workforce, data from 151 frontline retail grocery employees gathered perceptions of their work environment, burnout, and turnover intentions. The participating employees represented one grocery chain in Western New York. The key finding was that value conflicts have a strong, statistically significant relationship with cynicism, which in turn increases the likelihood for employee turnover. Making use of this evidence-based information may help in creating strategies for a more engaged workforce and retaining the most valuable employees.


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