Effects Of Peer Ratings On Supervisor Ratings Of Job Performance

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Ted Shore
Armen Tashchian
William R. Forrester


Peer Rating, Supervisor Ratings, Job Performance


The influence of peer rating information on supervisor performance ratings was investigated using a 2 x 2 x 2 crossed factorial experimental design. Participants were undergraduate business students who assumed the role of supervisor and evaluated a fictitious subordinate whose performance was either good or poor. Participants were given fictitious information about peer ratings (high or low) from either one or three co-workers. As expected, peer rating information resulted in inflated performance ratings for poor performers and deflated ratings for good performers. No differences in performance ratings were found for a single versus multiple peer ratings. Contrary to expectations, rater personality characteristics (conscientiousness and agreeableness) did not moderate the influence of peer rating information on performance ratings.


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