Impact Of Undocumented Immigration On US Wages

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Patrick J. Reville
John E. Cullen


Undocumented Immigration, Labor Costs, US Wages


The movement of undocumented people across the southern border of the United States creates an environment which destroys the free market of United States labor by increasing the supply of labor and decreasing the price of labor. The undocumented females follow up with birth on United States soil, and create an economic dilemma for local municipalities that must provide public education for those babies. The babies become the basis within the United States for claims of citizenship activities and legalization of the original undocumented persons. In this scenario, the Law of Supply operates to decrease the earnings of unskilled labor. The Law of Supply also operates to decrease the possible unionization of unskilled workers, while decreasing governmental funds needed for municipal services. The cost to municipal governments to provide education for the anchor baby generation appears to be an unending cost increase due to the unending supply of Third World undocumented individuals crossing the United States southern borders.


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