From Dan To Danita: LGBT Based Discrimination And Issues Of Religious Freedom

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C. Kenneth Meyer
Kory Schnoor


LG BT, Transgendered, Sexual Harassment, Gender Identify, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Orientation, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Change and Communication, Religious Freedom, Executive Orders, Employment Non-Discrimination Employment Act (SNDA)


In this two-part case study, Dan Flint faced a dilemma that was not of his own making. He saw himself as a female imprisoned in a males body. In attempting to get a grip on his gender identity, he consults a renowned sex therapist and a barrage of emotions and feelings that make up his inner core nature are revealed. He faces the reality that coming-out is fraught with many issues and dilemmas. Will his transgendered state be understood? Will he undergo surgical procedures which will give him female anatomical parts? How will he face his work environment, supervisors, and co-workers? And finally, will he be accepted as a person with value and dignity? The case shows the difficulties that Dan faced in transitioning to Danita in a workforce that reacted with confusion, uncertainty and skepticism. The case presents in the first part, seven questions that bring up the interpersonal, ethical and managerial questions imbedded in the case study, and explore how a supervisor might prepare the organization for dramatic change. In the second part, President Obamas Executive Order on prohibition of discrimination on LGBT workers, coupled with Employment Non-Discrimination Employment Act (ENDA), and the Supreme Court decision on religious freedom (Hobby Lobby) are woven into a series of important issues, concluding with a debate scenario.


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