Self-Determinations Intrinsic Value For Post-Exile Cuban-American Women

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Elin Cortijo-Doval
Christopher Doval
Mirta M. Martin
Maricel Quitana-Baker
Don Anque


Cuban-American, Women, Self-Determination, Leadership, Exile, Post-Exile, Post Castro, Ecological Theory, Self-Determination Theory, Empowerment


This study provides insight into the role of self-determination for post Castro Cuban-American women in leadership roles in the United States. It provides a description of the dynamics and social influences that shaped, guided, and supported their self-determination skills. It outlines the process they used to achieve personal control over their lives and what empowered them to accomplish the things they perceived as important. The findings reveal the role and effect that self-determination had in how this particular group of women became leaders and how their self-determination stems from their passion, determination, and sense of responsibility to care and support others.


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