Significance Of Life Skills Education

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Ravindra Prajapati
Bosky Sharma
Dharmendra Sharma


Life Skills Education, Adolescent, Challenges


Adolescence is a period when the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and all the capabilities are very high, but, unfortunately, most of the adolescents are unable to utilize their potential to maximum due to various reasons.  They face many emerging issues such as global warming, famines, poverty, suicide, population explosion as well as other issues like alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, smoking, juvenile delinquency, anti-social acts, etc. that have an adverse effect on them and others too, to a large extent. The cut-throat competition, unemployment, lack of job security, etc. are some of the major concerns for the educated and as a result, they are caught in the mad race.  This new challenge requires immediate and effective responses from a socially responsible system of education. ‘Education’ is important, but education to support and live life better is more important. It has been felt that life skills education bridges the gap between basic functioning and capabilities. It strengthens the ability of an individual to meet the needs and demands of the present society and helps in dealing with the above issues in a manner to get desired behavior practical. Imparting life skill training through inculcating life skill education will help youth to overcome such difficulties in life. 

The present paper focuses on the importance of life skills education and the benefits of imparting life skill education in our curriculum i.e. developing social, emotional & thinking skills in students, as they are the important building blocks for a dynamic citizen, who can cope up with future challenges, and survive well.


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