Reconciling Business Cents With Business Sense: An In-Depth Analysis Of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies On Corporate Dynamics And Organizational Stakeholders

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Madeline Marco Scanlon


Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Organizational Stakeholders


The idea of corporate social responsibility, CSR, has evolved into more than a companys philanthropic pursuits; it has become a meaningful tool to engender organizational goodwill from stakeholders, as well as solidify market share. When implemented correctly, CSR policies align organizational altruistic intentions with strategic planning to better serve society and the bottom line. When implemented incorrectly, CSR policies foster negative connotations with corporate incentives. An effective CSR policy integrates the consumers desire for sustainable business models with the organizations desire to maximize efficiency and return. Based on a myriad of factors, CSR policies also have peripheral advantages that can be explored to determine employee perception, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and consumer advantage.


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