Diversity And Adaptive Distributed Learning In New Wave Organizations

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Alexander Vengerov


diversity, new wave organizations


The continuous change in all the aspects of business and technological systems suddenly makes diversity a central issue of organizational system design and management. The growing need in adaptivity to change requires a vision of organizational learning grounded not so much in knowledge transfer as in the process of continuous viability maintenance. Although a number of waves of organizational architectural innovations in change management area provide us with deeper understanding of the problem, there are remaining two troubling outcomes: lack of necessary level of success and the resulting need in continuous transformation to another wave of ideas when the previously used approach proves its insufficiency. These two situations are tightly interwoven since the new organizational transformations following the need of seeking better solutions are exacerbating the original problem of change impact. The resulting architectural instability and continuous blowing of the new winds are becoming (in addition to their recurring disappointing performance) so costly and risky that we arrive at the situation when the cure seems worse than the disease.


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