Teaching Managers To Relate: Using Feedback To Bolster Commitment And Morale

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Donald C. Smith


morale, feedback, employee/manager relationships


Every text, indeed all writing in communication, either does or should stress the centrality of feedback in basic and advanced models of communication. Most work in this area has focused on taking feedback, distilling information and using it to make good decisions. What is lost in the traditional understanding is that feedback can be used to establish good relations. A managers feedback can enhance employee/manger relationships, strengthen loyalty and commitment, and increase morale. This paper examines how managers can use feedback to make important and genuine connections with their employees; thereby getting the greatest return on human resources. A theory based do and dont do framework is offered. Establishing any good relationship is simply a matter of knowing what to say, how to say it, when and to whom. Its 9:00 a.m.; do you know who your employees are?


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