The Influence Factors That Affect Thailands Management Of Youth Reproductive Health Service

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Sioy Anusornteerakul
Kimaporn Khamanarong
Suranart Khamanarong
Jadsada Thinkhamrop


Reproductive health service, Influence factor, Adolescent, Youth


The management of reproductive health service for youth has become an important issue during the recent year. However, management has no clear idea about the influential factors of concern to. In this paper, we will discuss these influence factors that affect the management of youth reproductive healthcare service. Mixed methods were used for data collection, including qualitative methods that were conducted by in-dept interview and analyzed by binary logistic regression. According to the analysis, we found six factors that affect the management of reproductive health service, including (1) personal expense, (2) communication within the family, (3) fear of parents reactions, (4) the bureaucratic process of healthcare services, (5) the limitation of healthcare services, and (6) healthcare providers. Then, we reduced the six factors into three group factors that we call three systems to explain these important factors that are of concern to management of reproductive health service. These include the personnel system, service system, and the family support system.


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