Benefits Of High Internal Work Motivation Comparing Retail Sector To Manufacturing

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Rickey Casey
Jay Robbins


Hackman and Oldhman Mode, motivation


The Hackman and Oldhman Model has been tested in several areas with additional testing needed in the service sector. This study tested the model within a manufacturing company and evaluated several of the dimensions of the model. This paper will evaluate two of these dimensions; high internal work motivation and task significance. The plan that was surveyed has a population of 1,000 with 200 sampled. The company examined is a larger manufacturer of electric motors and the sample was taken from one plant with all three shifts samples. The plant has a population of 1,000 with 200 sampled. A comparison study was done in a major retail company. From the survey sample of 534 employees of the retail company, 330 responses were returned, indicating a 62 percent response rate. The average age of those responding to the survey was 37.9 years. Males accounted for 22.7 percent of the respondents while 72.7 percent were female.


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