An Examination Of Bahamian Respondents Task And Relationship Orientations: Do Males Have A Significantly Different Score Than Females?

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Bahaudin G. Mujtaba


Relationship orientation, task orientation, leadership, culture, Bahamas


Leaders get things done through building relationships and getting tasks done in a timely manner. The focus on leadership of people in different cultures are of great importance to managers since they want tasks done in a timely manner and healthy relationships maintained with their vendors and customers. To explore the orientation of respondents in the Bahamas, this research focused on the differences of male and female Bahamian respondents. From the responses of 211 individuals in Nassau, it appears that Bahamians have significantly different scores on the relationship and task orientations. They are more relationship-oriented. The responses of 46 males and 165 females demonstrate significant differences based on gender. The information is useful for international managers and expatriates working in the Bahamas. Suggestions for future research and implications are presented.


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