Essentials Of Service Design

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Harry Katzan, Jr.


Service, Service Systems, Service Science, Service Design


This paper is a conspectus of service design for service scientists.Historically, science has been concerned with the discovery and study of natural and socially developed phenomena, and the role of design has been to create new artifacts and processes and to improve existing ones.Service has been an important part of the fabric of societal culture from ancient times, so the notion of service as the co-creation of value by provider and client is well established.It necessarily follows that the objective of service design is to add value by enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and efficacy of older service systems and to create newer ones with requisite attributes.This is a topic that has not been covered in traditional service science research.Thus, service design, as a discipline, seeks to facilitate the operation of the modern global economy that is now based on service.The necessary elements of service design are introduced and important concepts are identified.


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