Design For Service Innovation

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Harry Katzan, Jr.


Service, Service Thinking, Service Design, Innovation, Service Innovation


This paper covers service innovation for service scientists.  The subject has not been accorded the attention it deserves, because of inadequate professional and academic attention to services, in general, and service design, in particular.  The changing of one’s perception of the human landscape from products to services is indeed cumbersome and entails a lot of effort on the part of the service establishment and the service entrepreneur.  However, a new view of an age-old agenda in light of the ongoing move to globalization can be enlightening and rewarding.  If Thomas Edison were engaged in services, he would have put it this way, “Service innovation is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.”  Heretofore, innovation has been unfortunately aligned with the business community that has been distracted by an outdated and simplistic view of competitive advantage based on comparative economics.  Effective service innovation is based on differential economics through service delivery that supplies better services as seen by the customer.  Service innovation applies equally well, if not more so, to the other human endeavors of engineering, government, education, social services, political science, and a wide-range of unclassified interpersonal relations.  The paper gives a modern view of service, innovation, service innovation, and how to unearth services innovation in a practical sense.  Also, the point is made herein that service innovation is basic to the constituency of the human condition.


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