Assessing User Attitudes Toward Mobile Commerce In The U.S. Vs. Korea: Implications For M-Commerce CRM

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Yoon C. Cho


M-Commerce, M-Satisfaction, Ease of Use, Usefulness, Technology Acceptance, M-commerce CRM


Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) relies on “customer or user interactions” via a mobile device and telecommunications infrastructure for the purpose of interacting, advertising, promoting, and selling products and services. The author of this study explored user attitudes and behavior toward m-commerce in the U.S. vs. Korea. In this paper, the author investigated comparison analysis for the U.S. vs. Korea for the following issues: 1) the factors affecting user attitudes toward mobile phone business; 2) how those factors affect perceived ease of use (EOU) and usefulness (U); 3) the effects of perceived ease of use (EOU) and usefulness (U) on overall attitudes toward the mobile phone business; and 4) how overall attitudes toward mobile phone business affect user/customer satisfaction. Surveys were conducted in two countries and the results reveal the different aspects affecting mobile phone usage in the U.S. vs. Korea. This study also found that user attitudes toward the mobile phone business significantly impact the level of m-satisfaction. Furthermore, this study provides managerial implications and offers suggestions to m-businesses.


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