Analyzing The Effects Of Product Label Messages On Consumers Attitudes And Intentions

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Ifrim Mihaela-Roxana
Yoon C. Cho


Message Contents, Product Labels, Awareness, Attitudes, and Behavior


Customer attitudes toward products are affected by both cognitive and emotional constructs to different degrees. The purpose of this study is to investigate how customers’ perception of the content of product labels affects the attitudes toward the product and the labels’ intentions. In particular, this study considers how the cognitive and emotional aspects of awareness levels of message contents impact overall attitudes toward sugar-free beverages. This study explores how such impacts are balanced by the consideration of double-edged health-related concerns. By divining customers’ perceptions of the products, the study examines i) the effects of cognitive and emotional constructs to the overall attitudes and; ii) the effects of cognitive and emotional constructs to the conative factor. Surveys were conducted and statistical analyses, such as factor, regression, and ANOVA, were applied to investigate the findings. Furthermore, this study examines the implications of managerial and theoretical applications and offers suggestions for businesses.


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