The Effects Of Customer Dissatisfaction On Switching Behavior In The Service Sector

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Yoon C. Cho
Juyeon Song


Service, Virtualization, Dissatisfaction, Regret, Complaining Behavior, and Loyalty


Customer acceptance in the online environment has been drastically changed due to the presence of the Internet. After adopting products, customers willingness to adopt services in the online environment has received increased attention. This study explores how customers are willing to switch from offline to online services by examining i) the factors of dissatisfaction in the offline service environment; ii) how overall dissatisfaction affects regret and complaining behavior; and iii) how the level of regret and complaining behavior affects switching behavior. Proposed relationships are developed based on the theoretical background of satisfaction/dissatisfaction in the virtualized environment. By applying various statistical analyses, this study identifies managerial and theoretical implications and offers suggestions for the management of e-business customer relationships.


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